Brilliant & Mo Set of 2 Gorgeous Frosty Solar Angel Lights Garden Stakes With Fibre Optic Wings

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  • Gorgeous Angel figurine solar yard light with stunning frosty statue
  • Include 1 600mAh Nicd rechargeable battery that can light up the LED light at least 8 hour when fully charged.
  • Crystalline Solar panel is integrated to the yard stake at the midway point
  • Brilliant & Mo is the authentic Trademarked brand for this Angel Solar Lights.
  • LED bulb has the ability to change from white light to red,blue and green.

Product Detail

Product Description

Why our buyers love this Gorgeous Frosty Angel Statue Solar Garden Stake

Beautiful Angel Solar Lights By Chestnuttbon August 29, 2016

"These are beautiful!! They arrived well packaged from the seller and were very easy to assemble. They have an on/off button so you can decide when you want them on. I immediately took them outside and put them in my front yard in my hosta plants. As soon as it got dark, they lit up beautifully! I have the solar panel turned so that it catches the sunlight during the day so they charge. The Angels turn different colors, red, blue, green and do not dim. They seem to be well made and I was able to put them in the ground with the stakes with no problem. I absolutely love the way these look in my front yard and am so glad I got them!!"

Easy to put together in seconds. By Ashley Maeon August 30, 2016

I absolutely love solar lights. They work off the natural sun and don't require installed wires and electricity to run. There was two angels included. Each stake came in three pieces and was so easy to put together. I literally pulled them out of the box and had them together in seconds. Each angel has a metal rod that has a black plastic stake to put them in the ground. The solar part is toward the middle of the rod. The angel is just gorgeous. It changes from White light to red, blue, or green. The colors at night are so pretty in my flowers. Perfect as a reminder of those angels watching over me and my family.

Main Benefit

- No Electrical Wiring required
- LED Lights turns on automatically when its sensor detects insufficient light in its surrounding.
- Acts as emergency light in the event when power is cut off.

Buy now and let our little Angels blessed your lovely home and garden

Buy only from Brilliant & Mo(TM), the authentic trademarked brand for this Angel solar lights

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