Enerlites 8811-W 1-Gang Toggle Switch Wall Plate, Standard Size, Unbreakable Polycarbonate, White - 10 Pack

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  • Made of unbreakable PC Polycarbonate to provide durability, needed flexibility, optimum resilience to restore to its normal shape and flat surface
  • Heat & fade resistance, very smooth polished finish without the grainy look or texture seen on wall plate made of other plastic material
  • Sleek Decorative Design for Home Improvement projects, attractive and modern appearance
  • Standard size wall plate allows easy retrofitting to any application
  • Various sizes and colors available, painted screws to match wall plate, 2 year warranty, UL listed

Product Detail

Product Description

Enerlites unbreakable and undeformable blank wall plate. Enerlites wiring devices line of wall plates are designed and manufactured with high quality material polycarbonate! Enerlites wall plates are one of the best quality of its kind, and meet all applicable standards. Enerlites manufactures their wall plates in all sizes including standard, mid-size and oversize to guarantee that there is a wall plate to fit every device. Enerlites wall plates all feature a sleek, decorative finish and appearance. The screws included with this wall plate are pre-painted ensuring the colors will match perfectly giving it a flush look. This wall plate is designed to cover any openings in your wall where no outlet or switch is needed. Unlike many other brands, which use nylon material, Enerlites wall plates are made of an unbreakable polycarbonate material. Nylon wall plates are also unbreakable, but it is easy to bend or twist during installation, transportation or packaging; once it does, it is near impossible to get it back to its original shape. Other wall plates made by popular brands are made of brittle materials making them prone to breakage. Enerlites wall plates are made of polycarbonate, which makes the wall plate very flexible and unbreakable, while still keeping the sleek, smooth look even after installation. Enerlites wall plates are ideal to retrofit any installation for contractors and designers featuring a high quality product at a low cost. With wide choices in color and size, Enerlites offers 1 gang, 2 gang, 3 gang, 4 gang and even 5 gang sizes to be the switch cover of choice for toggle switches, double switches and many others. Find your perfect switch cover plate here!