Vintage Style Designer Tripod Floor Lamp Spotlight, Searchlight, With Two Fold Lamp Stand By Nauticalmart

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  • Tripod Floor Lamp
  • Spotlight, Searchligh
  • Stand Open: 42 inches Stand Closed: 28 inches
  • Design inspired by the Hollywood Style Studio Lamps
  • Manufactured & Sold By Nauticalmart

Product Detail

Product Description

This vintage style designer wooden tripod floor lamp will add a bold statement to your home or office. This photographer's tripod floor lamp is used by decorators just as often as it is used by actual photographers.It is generally known by various names like the Essex Style Floor Lamp, Search Light, Tripod Lamp, Patrol Lamp, Spotlight Lamp and Hollywood Style Lamps. A lot of expensive furniture stores, high street retailers and interior designers are using the spotlight design lamps.

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