Lokman 1/2 Inch Rope Light P-Style Mounting Clips (100 Pack)

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  • HIGH QUANLITY MATERIAL: Nylon rope light mounting clips.High quality, acid-resistance, corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, aging resistance.
  • STYLISH DESIGN: The P-Style mounting clips are in good design of stylish, flexible,simple and innovative. Satisfaction Ensured.
  • EASY FOR INSTALLATION: No matter for any outdoor soft light setting or indoor rope light sorting out like hanging some cat network cable, TV cable and HDMI cable,they are quick and excellent to work with and hold the rope lights much more securely. Perfect application for mounting the lights at any outdoor such as patio,big event and party ect. Or at indoor rope light sorting out,maintaining alignment of the LED bulbs.They are just work perfect.
  • SIZE: Sizes are shown in the picture, suitable for 1/2 Inch Rope Light. NOTE: +/- .015 on wall thickness
  • SCREWS ARE NOT INCLUDED. If looking for the 1/2 Inch clips with screws, please search in LOKMAN's shop for your choice.

Product Detail

Product Description

P-Style Mounting Clips (100 pack). These clips are for use with 1/2 inch rope lights. It is recommended that you secure your rope light every foot for straight linear applications. Screws not included. If looking for the 1/2 Inch clips with screws, please search in LOKMAN's shop for your choice.

Package included:
1/2 inch rope light P-Style mounting clips (100 Pack)

More sizes of the P-Style mounting clips products, please visit our LOKMAN's shop and search. Enjoy your shopping. Thank you.

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